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Staff Augmentation

A flexible and 100% configurable model that will allow you to access the ideal technical staff to accelerate your business.

Increase your operational capacity with our expert team

Choose your dedicated team that accelerates production speed. Choose the collaboration model that best fits your current needs and priorities.

Project manager

Project manager

Manages the product from conception to final release. Documents and communicates requirements works with end users to test interface designs.

Líder Técnico

Technical Lead

Knows how to bring a project to fruition and look into the future, asks questions and understands user stories, proposes an architecture to follow, creates tasks, and tracks code.


UI / UX Designer

Understands customers and how they interact with an interface. Organizes, simplifies and designs prototypes for user stories with the goal of generating a meaningful user experience.



Implements the product following the architecture guidelines and best industry standards. Always looking for a functional product that meets the expectations of end users.


Dev Ops

Optimize the infrastructure of the project following the DevOps standards. Our Alphas DevOps work for stable and efficient systems for the continuous delivery of high-quality software.

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We adapt

Our team integrates quickly with your local team. We adapt to your best practices, company culture, tools, and most importantly we align with your challenges and opportunities.

Competitive rates

We understand the importance of profitability, that's why our rates are designed to do business.

High performance

We measure the productivity metrics of dedicated teams, monitor their value delivery, and evaluate improvement points around the collaboration process and the team itself.

Don't waste any more time looking for the expert development team, the talent you are looking for is at Alphas Technology!

The talent you are looking for is at Alphas Technology!

Our recruitment model allows us a 1% selection focused on excellence

We only link Alphas to our herd!

Our recruitment model allows us a 1% selection focused on excellence. We only link Alphas to our herd!

Proceso de seleccion

Call for Talent

Recruitment management effort.


Application review

evaluation, a thorough review of profiles by our Alphas team.


Selection interview

Each candidate is interviewed to assess their communication skills and personality.


Coding challenges

A testing process designed by senior engineers.


Final interview

Each candidate is interviewed one last time by a senior alpha to ensure the best fit.


Invitation to the herd

Once the selection process is completed, the candidate becomes part of our workforce.


Continuous evaluation

Once the profile is accepted, continuous follow-up is performed to determine opportunities for improvement.

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Alphas Technology brings experience, specialization, passion and a large number of talents that enable us to consolidate your business opportunities.

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    We only link Alphas to our herd, that's why we only hire


    Selectionfocused on excellence!

    Transparency, flexibility and acceleration in
    dedicated teams from Alphas Technology

    We concentrate the knowledge of our experts in work centers with a high level of specialization. In our Centers of Excellence, we cover the most demanded technologies in the market.


    You determine the skills you require and the size of the team based on your business needs and objectives.


    In a few days our business manager will provide you with the right profiles for your needs.

    Strong Alignment

    We organize workshops, meetings, and working sections for effective knowledge transfer.


    We define a plan for the incorporation of the team dedicated to your projects based on your needs and expectations.

    Total Control

    You evaluate and approve each and every member proposed for your dedicated team.


    We help you decide the optimal structure of your dedicated team, seeking a balance between workload, cost, and expertise.

    Ready to accelerate your
    business opportunities?

    Access a close, capable team that is strongly aligned with the success of our customers and that adds up to creating exceptional products.

    Get advice from an IT specialist!



    Get advice from an IT specialist!