Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform

Virtual Agent

Engage in intelligent conversations with customers and employees in a personalized and scalable way.

Improve customer satisfaction quickly using Microsoft Power Virtual Agent!

Using intelligent technology, generate sophisticated bots for requests that provide simple answers to solve problems that require complex conversations.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

It is a tool that allows you to create intelligent virtual agents for immediate interaction through the use of intelligent bots, which increase productivity, reducing IT workload and technical support incidents. In addition, it offers an integrated view of operations through integration with other Microsoft tools such as Dynamics 365 Customer Services, Power Automate or Microsoft Teams.

Why choose Microsoft Virtual Agent?


Creation of virtual agents based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Performance monitoring for continuous improvement.


Interact with customers on different channels, such as websites, Microsoft Teams, mobile apps, Facebook, and Telegram, among others.


Natural language recognition.


Triggering workflows through bot interaction.


Performance analysis through reports with different metrics.


Entity extraction.


Engage in conversations with customers and employees in a personalized and scalable way.


Based on Azure Bot Service.

Virtual Agent
Virtual Agent

Drive your business transformation, and discover how to create intelligent conversational bots to automate business processes.

Drive your business transformation, and discover how to create intelligent conversational bots.

Cree Bots Personalizados con IA

Create Custom Bots with AI

The creation of User, System and Entity Topics makes the bot recognize natural language through intelligent matching, saving misspellings, grammatical variations and words with similar meanings. It also allows you to use existing support content to create a set of usable topics.

Analice el rendimiento y la Satisfacción del cliente

Analyze Performance and Customer Satisfaction

Using the analysis option, you can identify overall trends, Abandonment, Resolution or Abandonment Rate, Average CSAT, or Impact. In addition to indicators to improve bot performance such as total sessions, errors, engagement, and scalability ratio, among others.

Reduzca la carga de trabajo de IT

Reduce IT workload

Thanks to the creation of a Virtual Agent, you can reduce employee questions or the number of IT and HR support tickets. By incorporating it into different channels such as Teams, native mobile applications, Skype, Facebook, and Email, among others, you can reach your customers wherever they are.


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