Microsoft Dynamics 365


Essential tools to consolidate long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Innovate with a hyper-connected company with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing!

Innovate with a hyper-connected company

It is an advanced marketing tool to manage stable and lasting relationships with your customers..

Dynamics 365 Marketing, it is an advanced marketing tool to manage stable and lasting relationships with your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

It is a marketing solution integrated with the other CRM tools (Sales and Customer Service) with an advanced approach capable of designing, predicting, and interacting in real-time, allowing you to personalize content through AI and build journeys based on the interest shown by your audience.

Real-Time Interaction

Respond to Actions

Respond in a timely manner with real-time journeys based on meaningful events for each customer.

Personalize Messages

Customize your messages with dynamic text and images from multiple data sources.

Connect with Customers

Use mobile channels to create automated messages and notifications to reach your customers where they are.

Outbound Marketing

Convert Leads

Score your leads with automated scoring and manage through a personalized business process.

Social Networking

You will be able to message your customers from Facebook, Instagram to Twitter and capture leads from LinkedIn.

Survey Data

You will be able to generate online surveys and manage personalized customer journeys from the data captured in the responses.


Manage Events

With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you will be able to better plan your events through attendance, registration and contact management functions, seamlessly and in a single system.

Meet Your Audience

Organize customer-facing webinars from one place, either through Microsoft Teams or from any other webinar provider.

Continue the Conversation

Keep in touch with your webinar participants by sending personalized material that allows you to build strong relationships.


Business applications for intelligent management

Learn about other Microsoft products designed with your needs in mind and gain the freedom to scale your business rapidly.

365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales

Offers essential tools to your sales staff that allows you to consolidate long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Provides a personalized service with a 360° view of each customer and detailed reports on the performance of your Customer Service department.

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