Agile business: the fast track to becoming like Uber or Amazon

The problem of passion is not the what, is  how

Implementing agile in companies as a work methodology seems to be the fastest way to achieve successes, such as those consolidated by Uber or Amazon. Or at least it can be a great alternative for consolidated companies that are more traditional and have not yet managed to keep pace with the current market dynamics.

Have you ever wondered why traditional companies have so much difficulty obtaining the dynamism and growth that is reflected in the large digital companies? All companies today want to be like Amazon, Uber, AirBnB, and other digital startups, which can meet large peaks in demand, create new products, and profit from new business models. But what do all these digital companies have in common? Well, they apply agile methodologies for their performance and care about having a first-level IT infrastructure, agile and dynamic, which supports agile procedures and processes.

That is why, any traditional company that wants to achieve a performance similar to that of large digital companies, must begin by forming an adequate and modern IT infrastructure. It must also review its operating model and move from the traditional waterfall model to an agile model, capable of maximizing productivity. Perhaps trying project management with agile methodologies can be an excellent starting point.

This is not an easy change, nor should it be done immediately. The best thing to do is to focus on a few important processes and, based on the results of these, plan ever-increasing progress towards an agile company. Identifying the knots, bottlenecks, and major problems allows one to attack them first and achieve a greater impact.

The following graph summarizes very well how these “emerging” companies have managed to identify what is the real asset within the business modeling, perhaps it can be a verification of what agility produces in companies:

Of course, the organizational culture must enable this and encourage it. Hence, the importance of taking the first steps on key processes, which yield positive and important results that will convince the entire organization. Releasing technological advances and optimizing processes in a controlled and essentially measurable way is the best ally of the drivers of agility within an organization since they allow quantifying the benefits clearly and concisely, subtracting arguments to the detractors, and gaining as many allies as possible.

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