Agile Application
Maintenance and Support

Agile, expert, full-stack teams developing revolutionary web and mobile applications in your time zone.

Enhance your business productivity

Don’t let day-to-day business slow your growth, free up internal team time to accelerate and consolidate growth.
Add more flexibility, scalability and gain significant cost benefits for your business with an agile support and maintenance service.

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Secure and stable applications

Our team integrates quickly with your local team. We adapt to your best practices, company culture, tools and most importantly align with your challenges and opportunities.

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Minimal downtime

We follow industry standards and recommendations for adaptive, corrective, preventive and evolutionary maintenance.

High performance

With a perfect balance between experience, self-demand, continuous improvement, methodology and tools, we make your applications always work better.

Support and maintenance focused on continuous improvement

Our agile approach to application support and maintenance allows us to keep your business problem-free and continuously improving. Day by day, we are involved in ensuring that your business never stops; in addition to performing multiple actions aimed at optimizing and accelerating daily operations.

1. Embed

You determine the skills you require and the size of the team based on your business needs and objectives.

2. Support and Maintenance

  • Help desk for effective expectation management.
  • Scheduled and on-demand system enhancements.
  • Problem tracking and root cause resolution.
  • Ongoing support and bug fixes.
  • Continuous performance and security improvement.

3. Solve the most critical problems.

  • Performance tuning to increase scalability.
  • Define a clear roadmap for future improvements.
  • Identify “lost knowledge” and define a knowledge recovery plan.

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